Tasty wait for the Christkind: Christmas tree cut with cucumber and cream cheese

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Contains ads for Henkell

S o, tomorrow it's finally time. I have to say that this Advent season was not completely as I had imagined:

Christmas Market Visits: 1.5
Mulled Wine: 2
Christmas Stollen: 0
Baked Cookies: 0
Folded Froebel Stars: 0
Removed Kitchens: 1
Completely cleared rooms filled with Lightning Cement: 5

Our visit has been quite a bit over the past few weeks kept up to speed and absorbed the entire pre-Christmas energy. This morning I'm sitting here (finally) on the couch and so very slowly everything looks like our apartment. The current situation:

Resident with two legs: 3
Resident with four legs: 0

What a relief! Time to focus on the really nice things in life!

One of the nicest things of late has certainly been the Supper Club with Uwe from Highfoodality. He has in the new sparkling wine factory of Henkell in Wiesbaden an insane 8 ... 10 ... 12 course menu (there were just always more!) Laid down for an illustrious round of 15 people. As an unskilled, but extremely experienced hobby chef, he has reached a level that is usually found only in star restaurants. There was a lot of interesting information about the production of champagne and champagne. And an incredibly diverse and exciting selection of corresponding wines and sparkling wines from Henkell. (I'm just saying: in love with bronze paint!).

That was just a great evening that provided me with a lot of positive energy for a long time. So from the inner feeling. A few very great people wrote about it very deliciously. If you want to know more, click with Stevan, Conny, Trickytine or even Juliane.

I really enjoy elaborate menus with surprising combinations and different textures - like a special gift. But in my own kitchen, my ambitions go in a different direction: simple and fast, it must go and make happy. And what always makes you happy? Right: a cut. And elegant pink blubber.

Tomorrow, the mothers come and decorate the Christmas tree with the child. I stir again in the traditional potato salad to grandma's recipe. And when it's time for the mess and we all sit together on the couch and admire the tree, there are those cuts. And together with at least (!) Half full glass of rosé champagne, we are waiting for the Christkind. YAY!

I wish you great, relaxed, mouse-free, eaten and tingling festive days! We read again here on 27.12. with a recipe for a special and simple New Year's Eve cocktail for a whole festive crowd.

Cream the cream cheese and spread on the toast trees.

Cut the cucumber into thin slices (halve the snake cucumber and remove seeds). Place the cucumber slices fan-shaped like pine branches on the slices.

Cut small stars out of the cheese and place on top of the fir-tree slices.

With pink sparkling wine (or another favorite prikel) serve and enjoy.

Christmas tree slices with cucumber and cream cheese | GourmetGuerilla.com